Recent Study Confirms: Missouri Is America’s Most Dangerous Place To Drive

Earlier this month, the personal finance website WalletHub conducted a comprehensive study on driving in America. They looked at a large number of factors–ease of buying and repairing a car, running costs, amount of traffic and poor weather, and so forth–and gave each state a corresponding score, with some components carrying more weight than others. The study found that Texas was the nation’s best driving state, followed by Indiana and North Carolina, while Hawaii was the worst (largely due to high gas and maintenance costs and a low number of repair shops).

Driving In Missouri: Pros and Cons

So how did Missouri fare? Not too well. The Show-Me State ranked 40th overall, bookended by Massachusetts and Colorado. While our state ranked highly in some metrics (cost of ownership in particular, helped by the second-lowest gas prices in the country), other factors, like road conditions and weather, were more in the middle of the pack. However, there is one statistic that stood out and took Missouri into the bottom 20% of states for driving quality: safety.

Missouri Roads: Unsafe At Any Speed

The WalletHub study found that Missouri was the least safe place to drive in America. Their safety score was made up of a number of components, like “traffic indiscipline” (based on the number of accidents caused by aggressive and distracted driving), the car theft, traffic fatality, and uninsured driver rates, and how many people wear a seatbelt when behind the wheel. Two other statistics did not help Missouri in this regard, either. Their safety ranking also gave negative points for Missouri having some of the lowest annual insurance premium increases for drivers who have been in an accident or broken the law behind the wheel, as well for what it sees as lenient punishments for drunk drivers. (For context, WalletHub’s top five safest states for driving were all on the East Coast, led by Rhode Island and New York, with Missouri’s neighbor to the east, Illinois, ranking sixth.)

A Missouri Auto Accident Lawyer Is Your Safest Bet

The numbers don’t lie: it’s not safe to drive in Missouri. With accidents happening every day on our roads and a large number of distracted and uninsured motorists, knowing a good car accident lawyer in St. Louis is a must for any driver. Amanda Hayden has years of experience in both business and the law and is ready to fight for all her car accident clients. Call her at (314) 480 3100, or contact her online today.