FAQ: Common Truck Accident Injuries

Large vehicles like eighteen-wheeler semi trucks are intimidating for a reason: truck accidents commonly cause serious injuries and even death. The sheer size of the vehicles suggests an enormous potentail to cause damage. In fact, trucks generally weight 20 to 30 times more than a typical passenger vehicle. When a truck collides with a standard passenger vehicle, the effects can range from bruises and broekn bones to, in the most tragic cases, loss of life.

If you or someone you know have been in an accident in which a truck driver injured you, you deserve all the support and compensation necessary to allow you the time to heal and recover fully and completely. To get the entirety of the support you deserve, find a truck accident law firm you can trust and rely on. When you choose the Hayden Law Firm, attorney Amanda Hayden dedicates herself and her legal team to making your voice heard and pursuing a fair and complete settlement for the injuries and damages that accident has left you with. Call us at (314) 480-3100 today.

Common Truck Accident Injuries

Each accident is unique and the resulting physical injuries vary widely. Below is a list of some of the common injuries that happen in truck accidents. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should always receive medical care as soon as possible. You need a medical professional to diagnose your condition and prescribe the appropriate treatments for your best chance at recovery.

1. Neck and Back Injuries

Injuries to the neck and spine can range from minor to life-alterning. You might have whiplash or an aching back after the accident. Whiplash occurs when your head and neck are suddenly and forcefully thrust forward, while your torso stays in place. You might not notice the effect of whiplash right away, but pain can arise and affect your functioning in the hours and days after the accident. The accident could also cause you lasting back pain that can affect your daily life. It could keep you from being able to return to your profession.

2. Spine Injuries

The spine is vital to normal human functioning. The spine houses the spinal cord, which, along with the brain, makes up the central nervous system. It is instrumental in communicating sensory signals to and from your brain and the rest of your body and is involved in controlling movement and reflexes. An impact as forceful as one from a commercial truck can cause dislocation, disk injury, and excrutiating nerve pain. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, which could be temporary or permanent, partial or total. The treatments are extensive and lengthy, and in some cases vicitms will be permanently disabled, having to use adaptive device and adjust to a new way of life.

3. Head and Brain Injuries

The other component of the central nervous system is the brain. As with neck and back injuries, a head injury can range from mild to extreme. Whiplash can lead to injuries to the head as well, and some head and brain injuries will not be readily apparent. Many head injuries in truck accidents happen because of the impact of the head hitting the inside of the car, like the window, dashboard, steering wheel, or air bag. Even if there is no direct trauma, or impact, to the head, injuries can happen to the head and brain because of sudden acceleration or sudden stopping.

Head injuries could be bruises or scratches that heal on their own. But concussions and other, more severe brain injuries can also occur. These injuries are sometimes hard for the victim to detect. There may not be an outwardly visible sign of injury, or you may experience symtoms like headaches that you don’t feel call for medical attention. However, it’s important for your health and well-being, as well as for your truck accident case, to receive a medical examiniation. Concussions and brain injuries can be serious and can result in irreversible, permanent damage in some cases. If you experience symptoms such as confusion, amnesia, vision problems, sleep interruption, or cognitive or behavioral changes, seek the treatment of a medical professional.

4. Internal Injuries

The powerful force of the inertia that the impact of a large, fast moving object like an eighteen-wheeler on the highway has when it hits another vehicle can cause internal injuries. This could be internal bleeding and ruptures of orgons like the bladder, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas. Sometimes, the force of the deployed airbag can cause internal injuries.

5. Burns

When thinking of truck-related injuries, we often only focus on injuries caused by the impact itself – and with reason, because these giant machines cause powerful devastation by the force impact. But there are other sources of serious truck-related accidents as well. One of these is burns. Semi-trucks have spilled or rolled on the highway, and sometimes spilled or exposed fuel can ignite and quickly produce a raging fire. Vicitms nearby can suffer burns, and are also at risk of dangerous smoke inhalation or exposure to an explosion.

6. Lacerations

Small lacerations are common in many accidents. These can be cuts that are so superficial that they hardly draw blood and don’t require more than some antibiotic ointment and a bandage. However, because of the speed and force of many truck accidents, glass from broken windows, sharp metal pieces of the vehicle, fixtures on the road, and loose objects inside and around the vehicle present risk of cuts and lacerations that can be quite serious. Blood loss can be a concern, and deep lacerations can sever nerves or tendons resulting in loss of use of that body part. After the accident, the vicitm can be left with disfiguring scars or develop a serious infection.

7. Broken Bones

Broken bones are painful and take time to heal, though fortunately a broken bone on it’s own is less likely to result in permanent disability. However, there are some circumstances like severely broken ribs, that put you in danger of more serious injuries. The ribs are meant to propect your torso and organs from harm. Broken ribs leave those organs vulnerable, and extreme breaks and shattered bones could puncture organs or splinter into your body.

8. Psychological Effects

In addition to the innumerable physical injuries a large truck can inflict upson accident victims, the psychological impact of experiencing an accident with a semi-truck can be serious as well. The psychological trauma caused by a truck accident can have a long-term, detrimental effect on a victim’s life. Some people develop post traumatic stress disorder symptopms, or PTSD. It could keep them from ever being able to return to the road. It can cause distress, affect your ability to function independently in daily life, and emotional pain.

9. Death

In the most tragic instances, a truck accident can lead to the death of a victim. In some cases the victim is killed upon impact, and other times the death occurs later on as a result of their injuries. When you have lost a loved one after they were in a truck accident, you may have a wrongful death case. In any case, you and your family are going through a very difficult time, and it’s important to seek professional help and support for the grief and trauma you’re facing.

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