Dash Cameras: How They Can Help You in a Missouri Personal Injury Case

Dashboard-mounted cameras are becoming increasingly common here in Missouri. Usually costing around $80, most cameras mount underneath your rear-view mirror and are powered off your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter port. More expensive dash cams can be hard-wired into your car’s electrical system. They operate while you are behind the wheel and record road footage onto a memory card.

Dashboard cameras are legal in Missouri. (They are legal in Illinois as well, however they must be mounted properly to avoid being seen as an illegal “obstruction”.) Furthermore, footage from dash-cams can be admissible as evidence in personal injury cases in Missouri if the judge in your case deems it “relevant”–which it usually is. Most insurance companies here in Missouri are beginning to recognize the value of dashboard camera footage when settling claims. While they do not yet provide incentives for installing a camera in your car–something common in other countries such as the UK–other states, such as New York, are proposing laws that would offer discounts for drivers who own a camera.

Dash Cams: A Great Way To Help With Liability Concerns

Across the world, dash cameras are becoming an indispensable tool to help drivers establish who was truly liable for accidents. With many personal injury cases in Missouri being based around personal accounts, dashboard camera footage can be an impartial witness. The original footage of an accident can put arguments about liability to rest and help build your personal injury case against insurers or other drivers. It’s also your best defense against fraudulent claims and scammers, as clear video can prove beyond a doubt that you were in no way liable for a staged accident.

How Dash Cams Can Help Prove Fault

Providing strong, physical evidence such as footage of what happened in your car accident is one of your best defenses in court and can help you get the best possible personal injury settlement in Missouri. It can help, for instance, prove you were not at fault for an accident, as well as potentially sway skeptical jurors by showing them the clear and obvious evidence that is video footage. If your Missouri personal injury case is a potential criminal case (such as a hit-and-run or aggressive driving), this video is also useful as it can provide license plate numbers and other important evidence.

However, dash cam footage in Missouri can work against you as well. It can show that you may have been more at fault for an accident than you initially realized, or otherwise incriminate yourself further.

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