What Are the Most Serious Bicycle Accident Injuries?

What Are the Most Serious Bicycle Accident Injuries? St. Louis is a beautiful city with many bicycle trails and paths for people to enjoy; however, the busy roads of the city can prove to be quite dangerous when it comes to bicyclists. Speeding or distracted drivers can cause terrible accidents for those who are just seeking to enjoy the outdoors on their bikes. Accidents with cars often leave the bicyclist with severe injuries that will likely have long-lasting effects on their life. When the negligence or actions of another cause you injury and damage, then it is a good idea for you to seek out the legal counsel of an attorney who can ensure that you are compensated for your pain and suffering.

The dangers of cycling in America

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) provides an overview of a report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). In this overview, the IIHS details that since 1975, the rate of bicycling fatalities among different groups of people has fluctuated over the years. While child fatalities have decreased significantly since 1975, deaths among those 20 years old and older have tripled (mostly among the male population).

In 2019, 843 people died in bicycling accidents with cars. The U.S. reached a record low in bicyclist fatalities in 2010, but since then the rate has been gradually on the rise.

Of the 843 bicycling fatalities in 2019, 62 percent of those people were not wearing helmets. This shows the obvious need for head protection while biking. According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2020, 64,000 people died from traumatic brain injuries.

What causes bike accidents in St. Louis?

Our city is a gorgeous one, and it has many parks and bike paths to use for recreation. However, cars are expensive, and when you live in a place where you can bike to work or school, bikes can also be used for transportation. Sharing the road with other vehicles can be dangerous for cyclists, however, as accidents between cars and bicycles often end in disaster for the cyclist.

There are many causes for the accidents that happen between cyclist and car, but the most common ones include:

The accidents caused by this sort of negligence usually lead to severe injuries for the cyclist, as they are bearing the brunt force of the much heavier and larger vehicle.

What are the most serious bike accident injuries?

The human body is only meant to be able to handle so much, and a car is not one of them. The faster the car is going when it hits you, the worse your injuries will be. These can include:

  • Traumatic brain injury. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head is hit or hits an object, jostling the brain inside the skull. When the brain hits the inside of the skull, it can cause bruises and abrasions, which can lead to pressure and internal bleeding inside of the brain. TBIs happen to bicyclists most often when they are in an accident and are not wearing a helmet. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that wearing a helmet reduces the cases of serious head injuries by sixty percent.
  • Spinal cord injury. Injuries to the spinal cord can lead to drastic effects on the entire body, as the spinal cord is necessary for the brain to send out commands to individual body parts. A complete spinal cord injury is when you lose all sensation and function below the site of the injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury is when you still have some sensation and function below the injury. Full and partial paralysis are common outcomes of spinal cord injuries.
  • The most severe burns can damage skin, muscle, and connective tissue, with the American Burn Association (ABA) noting that burn injuries are one of the leading causes of death and unintentional injury in the United States. These extremely painful injuries can take months and months to heal, and usually leave lasting deformities and scars. These sorts of injuries can have impacts on a social and emotional level as well as physical.
  • Traumatic a Perhaps the vehicle that hit you was speeding. The force of the impact with sharp metal edges is more than able to lacerate a limb on the site of the accident. When injuries are severe enough, such as burns or when a limb is crushed, they may require surgical amputation at the hospital.

Do I need a St. Louis lawyer for my bicycle accident case?

If you were injured through someone else’s negligence, then you should seek out the help and advice of a bicycle accident lawyer. Whether it was a distracted driver  who led to the accident or to someone who had had a little too much to drink, you do not deserve to pay thousands of dollars on treating your injuries, supplementing your lost income, and still trying to provide for your family. Those who hurt you should compensate you for your injuries, lost income, and any treatment you may need now or in the future.

Bicycle accidents often leave painful, slow-healing injuries that may go on to affect you the rest of your life. Do not let yourself suffer more than you already are, and let our attorneys help hold the responsible party accountable. We are here to help. Reach out to the experienced team at The Hayden Law Firm today. Call us at 314-480-3100 or fill out our contact form. We are based in St. Louis, Missouri, but our firm proudly serves clients throughout Missouri and Illinois.