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Bad weather accident lawyer in St. Louis, MO. Attorney Amanda Hayden at The Hayden Law Firm serves the people of St. Louis and surrounding communities in Missouri and Illinois. Living in the Midwest, we experience a wide range of weather conditions including snow, ice, and sleet in the winter and fog, high winds, and heavy rain in the summer. We have to drive through it all but, unfortunately, many motorists often underestimate the dangers posed by these conditions.

If you were the victim of a bad weather accident, you may be hesitant to pursue legal options because it seems like it was out of the other driver’s control. However, if the other driver failed to take precautions to adjust to the weather conditions or otherwise acted with negligence and you were injured as a result, you are entitled to just compensation.

Contact a St. Louis personal injury lawyer at The Hayden Law Firm at (314) 480-3100 for a free, no-risk consultation. You deserve one-on-one, client-focused legal representation during this difficult time, which is why we choose to only accept payment if we recover compensation for your physical injuries, prolonged pain and suffering, and other damages from the accident that you were involved in.

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Bad Weather Accident Lawsuits in Missouri

It goes without saying: you face many different challenges when driving in bad weather. Reduced visibility, slippery conditions, standing water, and hydroplaning can all increase your chances of being involved in a devastating car accident that is all too common across the United States. For example, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) reports that:

  • 21 percent of all vehicle crashes each year are weather-related
  • Of those crashes, an average of 418,000 people are injured and 5,376 people are killed, accounting for about 16 percent of all auto accident deaths

People involved in one of these weather-related accidents often suffer from severe injuries that require extensive treatment. If you find yourself struggling to cover medical costs after a bad weather accident, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the negligent party to recover damages for lost wages, property damage, medical costs, pain and suffering, and more.

Negligence in Weather-Related Car Accidents

The other driver — and their insurance company — may try to claim that the bad weather was the only factor to blame for why your accident occurred. However, the fact remains that you were driving in the same conditions, but you did not cause an accident.

Missouri law requires everyone to drive responsibly and with due care at all times. There is no exception to this rule based on the weather or conditions of the roads. This means that drivers must take extra precautions to drive safely when it comes to bad weather.

Recovering compensation in these types of cases often comes down to proving that the other driver was negligent in taking precautions and, therefore, caused the accident.

Examples of negligence in bad weather accidents include:

  • Speeding – When conditions are treacherous, it is required that drivers must reduce speed so that they have complete control over the car at all times.
  • Tailgating – Drivers that follow too closely to the car in front of them are at an increased risk of rear-ending. Even in fair conditions, it can be hard to stop the car; add in rain or ice, and that makes for a deadly combination.
  • Distracted driving – Bad weather is perhaps when it is most important for drivers to remain focused on the road. For example, texting and driving while on an icy road is an accident just waiting to happen.
  • Failure to turn on headlights – Headlights are required in Missouri when conditions are rainy or overcast in order to improve visibility for all vehicles.
  • Failure to clear ice, snow, or condensation from the window(s) – When people are in a hurry in the morning to get to work, they sometimes neglect to properly clear their car windows. This significantly reduces visibility which, in turn, increases the chances of accidents.
  • Failure to properly maintain car parts – As a car owner, all drivers are required to keep up with the maintenance of certain elements of their car. This includes wipers, tires, and brakes, which all contribute to safe operation during treacherous conditions.

Drivers who are found guilty of any of the above are not only putting their own lives at risk, but they’re also endangering everyone else around them. They should be held responsible for this disregard of safety. When you take action against a driver who has acted negligently, you may be stopping them from hurting others in the future.

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Why You Need the Help of a Bad Weather Accident Attorney

Weather and road conditions may be noted when determining who is at fault, but poor weather does not excuse unsafe driving. If a driver loses control of his or her car because they did not adjust to the weather, they should be held responsible for causing the accident, which is why you need the help of a St. Louis personal injury lawyer at The Hayden Law Firm.

Proving negligence in these types of cases is complex. The rain or snow often means that witnesses were not able to see what actually happened, so it is usually your word against the other driver. Our firm can effectively plead your case to the insurance company and in court, if necessary.

Our thorough investigation allows us to find key details that firmly prove negligence on the part of the other driver. Not only that, we take the time to understand your injuries and then explain those injuries better than anyone else. Using a system of trust, approachability, and strong but compassionate advocacy, Attorney Amanda Hayden wants to help you move on from this situation and onto a more positive chapter in your life.

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No case is too complex for our firm to handle. We recognize that an injury from a bad weather accident can have serious implications on your life moving forward. Our goal is to ensure you have everything you need to recover so that the other person’s mistake and negligence does not forever limit your opportunities and well-being.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury, contact or call a lawyer in St. Louis, MO, at The Hayden Law Firm at (314) 480-3100 for a free, no-risk consultation.

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