6 Tips to Help In Your Product Liability Case

If you were injured by a defective product, you may be unaware of your rights or if you even have a case. Before you throw away that product, you should take a look at these product liability tips provided by the knowledgeable team at The Hayden Law Firm!

Here are the six most important steps to take, items to keep in mind, and things to keep track of order to protect your rights from the very beginning. For more information, contact a product liability lawyer in St. Louis.

Tip #1: Preserve the defective product in its unaltered state

As soon as you have suffered an injury from an unsafe product, your first reaction may be to throw the product that caused you harm away. Resist this urge and try to save all pieces and parts, no matter how broken they may be. Finally, try to keep it in an unaltered state, as in do not try to piece anything back together.

Tip #2: Keep track of anything related to the product

It’s understandable that many things get thrown away, but if you can, try to retain the original packaging and all manuals (just in case). Another important item to keep track of is the purchase receipt, but it is worth noting that you can still file a claim for product liability even if you are not the owner of the product.

Tip #3: Check to see if the product has been recalled

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) keeps an extensive running list of items that have been recalled to help protect the public. If you have been injured or suffered an ailment from a defective product, take a look at this website to see if there is an official recall listing on the product. However, do not fear if the item is not on the list—you may still have a case!

Tip #4: Receive medical attention for your injuries

Even if your injuries seem minor, you need to get in touch with your primary care physician or another specialty doctor. Furthermore, you will want to do this as soon as possible or else you may run into issues with the insurance company claiming your injury was caused by something unrelated to the product.

Tip #5: Keep a record of all medical expenses

You need to save every bill, form, or document that you receive from the medical professionals you are working with should be filed away or handed over to your lawyer. There is no such thing as having too much information.

Tip #6: Get in touch with an experienced product liability lawyer at The Hayden Law Firm

In product liability cases, the company you are facing is likely large and covered by an extensive insurance policy. These insurance companies may be aggressive and try to pressure you into accepting an amount that is lower than what you are owed. You need to get in touch with a product liability lawyer if you have been injured by ANY kind of product that was preventable.

Types of products commonly found in product liability cases we handle:

  • Consumer products – Kitchen appliances, cleaning products, power tools, HVAC systems, yard equipment, laptops, cell phones, e-cigarettes, smoke detectors, etc.
  • Vehicle parts – Brakes, air bags, tires, seat belts, fuel systems, steering components, etc.
  • Medical equipment – Implants, prostheses, heart valves, etc.
  • Children’s products – Toys, child safety seats, choking hazards, etc.
  • Prescription drugs – Antipsychotics, birth control, etc.
  • Contaminated food – Produce or pre-packaged food containing E. coli or Salmonella

Contact us or call (314) 480-3100 if you have been injured by any of these products and need legal help.